Establishing Discipline in Your Class

In a generation of undisciplined people, how do you have a disciplined class so teaching and imparting truth can take place? Here are some tips establish and maintain a disciplined class:

1. Make sure the teacher is under control and in control. Scripture teaches that we produce “after our kind.” Temperance is a fruit of the Spirit. As we hate sin, love right, fill our minds with Scripture, and yield to the Holy Spirit, this fruit is produced in our lives. Control your thoughts, temper, mouth, and emotions.

2. Separate talkers as they enter the class. It makes too big a scene to separate them once they are settled in.

3. Keep clutter out of the room.

4. Be in class early.

5. Be prayed up.

6. Secure their attention. Begin with a song.

7. Have a cue card and keep it moving. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

8. Do not get side tracked.

9. Save students’ questions for last.

10. Use plenty of visuals and attention getters.

11. Incorporate the undisciplined child into the lesson. Get them to hold a visual or stand next to them as you teach.

12. Smile!

13. Love them. Where love is felt, the message is heard.

Most discipline problems are the teacher rather than the student. Let’s take responsibility and do something about it.

This article is an excerpt from the book, Basic Training for Sunday School Teachers by Mike Ray.

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