10 Tips for Visiting a Class

Relationships are built by time. There must be time in class and time in the home. The student wants you to enter their world—see their neighborhood, their house, their pets, etc.

I well remember Mrs. Washburn and Mrs. Varner, my Sunday school teachers, often visiting my home. They were there to build a relationship with my Mom and me. It knit our hearts so I became more than just another student in the class. I ate at their homes on numerous ocassions. I got rides to church from them when Mom had to work on Sundays.

Tips in visiting a student:

1. Visit at least once a semester.

2. Visit when they have been ill.

3. Brag on things that matter to them.

4. Notice their interests.

5. Get birthday and Christmas gift ideas while there.

6. Let a dollar drop out of your pocket while leaving.

7. Praise the child in front of their parents.

8. If parents do not attend, try to build a rapport with them and give a gospel witness to them if they are open.

9. Be brief. Be bright. Be gone.

10. Mention something positive about the visit in class the next week.

Let’s visit!

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