The Purity Principle

A Review of the Book by Randy Alcorn

Randy Alcorn’s little 93-page book is a must read for every man. In a world fraught with temptations and pitfalls at seemingly every corner, Alcorn provides biblical and practical strategies for living pure in an impure world. I feel so strongly about the information in this book that I have a case of them in my office from which I regularly distribute copies to any man that will read it—and every man should!

The book itself covers all of the bases. Trust me, Alcorn knows how to get your attention in chapter 1! Christians wage constant spiritual battle in their mind. The enemy has targeted all of us, and without a strategy for victory, he will inevitably do much damage.

I have a special burden for the singles in our church. It seems that many Bible-believing churches have failed in providing resources for the incredibly vulnerable 18-24 year old range. Without the adequate accountability that many thriving youth groups provide, singles often fall easy prey to a world system enamored with physical pleasure. Alcorn does a great job offering practical accountability principles for singles.

A short book, The Purity Principle can be read in one sitting, and should be re-read on a yearly basis in my opinion.

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